Short Summer Story – The Phone

Dostali jste se někdy do situace, že jste opravdu potřebovali angličtinu?

Já mnohokrát a jsem moc vděčná za to, že dokážu okamžitě do angličtiny přepnout a vyřídit to, co potřebuji. Dnes bych se s vámi ráda podělila o příběh z letošního léta. Můžete si na něm svou angličtinu procvičit i vy. Na konci příběhu na vás čeká několik kontrolních otázek. Tak jdeme na to :-).

I’m really thankful I can communicate in English. To be able to use it in any situation that life brings my way has helped me many times. To understand, I’d like to share an instance with you that happened last summer. I was with my family, my husband and our three kids, aged 15, 13, and 4, on a trip to a Polish seaside town.

We were walking around on a beautiful sunny day. We had an ice cream at a sweet shop, spent time at a playground, then went and had a lovely time on the beach. Later, we visited a couple of local shops. After an amazing day, as we were about to go back to our cottage in another town, my 13 year old son, Dan, discovered his cell phone was missing.

You know how important phones are for kids at this age, so he was really upset. My husband immediately tried calling his number and, amazingly, some man answered the phone. He spoke Polish, but my husband asked if he could speak English. He could. At that moment, it was my turn. The man told me he had found the phone on the playground and was now sitting at a café on another side of the town.

Off we went. Though his English was very good, it wasn’t easy to find him because the place was very crowded. Finally, we managed. I was very grateful for my ability to speak English that day. If it wasn’t for English, we would not have been able to get our son’s phone back which would have surely affected us for the rest of our holidays.

Did you like the story?

Do you know the answer to the following questions?

Where is the story located?

How many kids Radka has?

What happened to her son?

Why did Radka talk to the stranger on the phone?

Where did he find the phone?

Where did they meet?

Is it harder for you to speak English on the phone?

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Radka Havlíčková
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